The development of Java Card applet requires not only skills related to Java programming language but also the experience in writing software for devices with low memory and reduced computing resources as well as in-depth knowledge of technologies and technical specifications related to the smart card.

Thanks to our expertise, acquired in over ten years of work with the major players in the market, we are able to design and develop libraries and applets for Java Card platform. More specifically we can design and develop applets and libraries for:

  •  Java Card base
  •  SIM Application Toolkit (SAT, STK)
  •  Smart Card Web Server (SCWS)
  •  BIP, CAT-TP
  •  Biometric Recognition
  •  Digital Signature and Encryption
  •  PKI
  •  EMV

Some of our works

  • KeySyncML
    ​ SyncML protocol on SAT
  •  MyWallet
    ​  Elettronic Wallet for fidelity
  •  SmartOS CK
    ​  Cryptographic Smart Card for PKI

Our offer

  • Java Card Design and Development
  • Consultancy 
  • On-site and on-line training
     by our e-learning platform